Website Design and Production

This is actually what I tend to do the most of… designing and maintaining websites. I love it because I get to use both sides of my brain. I get to exercise the creative right and utilize the organizational left. So. Much. Fun! (Yes, I realize how geeky I sound, but it is true… and I am a little geeky.)

When I work on websites, one of my favorite things is actually getting inside someone else’s brain for a bit. I have you complete a questionnaire so I can figure out:

1. Your ultimate desires and needs for your business and website.

2. What needs to be communicated to your clients.

3. What design and copy styles best fit you.

4. How does what you have to offer match up with how your target audience is searching for it?

FYI – all website designs done by Unscribbled include keyword researched website architectures

5. How can all of that work together and still look good!

When I work on a website it is a true collaboration with my client. We work together to unscribble YOUR dreams for your website.

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