What is voiceover doing on a design site? Well, sometimes you need to do more than what is typically asked of you to get something done! That, and, I studied voiceover and acting in Chicago, and if I get a chance, I will DEFINITELY do it! It is just another way to be creative, and who wouldn’t like that?

For awhile, I actually did some of those calls that said, “You recently expressed interest in ___, and I am calling you to let you know…” Yep, for real. And you should hear the books I recorded for my nephew so he could read along with the books he loved. I’d put them up here, but I am not sure about copyright rules on that.

And isn’t it fun when you get old enough where you have just done a ton of things and can throw it all up on a website and see if you can help anyone else in a similar or even more fun way? I love how random past interests can sometimes come in handy! (Plus, it is my site, I can add it in if I want.)

P.S. My web design client,  Acting Studio Chicago, is where I took classes. Amazing teachers and all around great people!

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