Typical Website Design Process

(Typical delivery time indicated in parenthesis.)*

1. Rough Estimate
After talking things over and getting a list of pages you would like to see in your website’s site architecture, I’ll give you a rough estimate on what it will take to unscribble your site. If that estimate and delivery time is acceptable to you, then we will proceed.

2. Get to know you even MORE
You fill out a questionnaire, and you supply samples of current marketing. This helps me better understand your needs and objectives for the site… and get even more into your head. (TBD by your schedule)

3. Evaluate
Once Unscribbled receives all of the requested information I do a full evaluation of your website’s objectives and research into keywords. Often when I do this, we will find it best to alter the original site architecture and add some landing pages to utilize certain keywords. At that time I will present you with a possible new architecture with a revised quote. This does NOT need to be accepted. We can just go with the rough estimate talked about previously. I just like to present all of the ideas and best practices I can think of for my clients. (About a week, usually less)

4. Start Your Custom Designing or Looking for a WordPress Template
Once the architecture is determined I will get to work on the look of the home page. Typically designers give three options and you choose one of these to do limited amount of revisions. I don’t do that. Based on the evaluation, I will work up a design that I think meets your needs. From that you will give me a list of likes and dislikes. Even if it is to say we need to go in a completely different direction. Then I will send you a revised design for your feedback. We will continue this process until you are 100% happy with the design.

(I will probably be able to deliver an option within 2 to 3 days of completion of the architecture. As for how long the process will take it is TBD by your schedule to send me feedback. Typically after you send me feedback, I will get you a revised sketch in 1 to 2 days. This process of feedback and new sketch will continue until you are 100% happy with the design. )

5. Remaining template pages 
Then, we design the remaining templates for your site. (2-3 days. Though the time will greatly depend on the number of templates needed)

6.  Content 
Then, on to development of the site. This is where we make it all work! All copy, photography, video and additional art work will need to be provided before we can start development. (ETA would vary depending on the complexity of your site)

7. Testing/proofreading and revisions
You take a look and let me know of any changes to the basic site structure and set up. (TBD by your schedule to send me feedback. After you send me feedback 1-2 days for changes.)

8. Training
If you need, I’ll come to your office (or we might be able to do it over the phone) and I’ll train you on how to maintain your new WordPress site. (TBD by your schedule – plan for about a 2-3 hour meeting.)

9. Done!

*Timeline of projects will vary depending on the complexity of your site and other projects that are in-house. The timeline indicated above is typical, but if we need to deviate from the timeline you will be made aware ahead of time.

After that, whenever you need assistance, I’ll be here to help you maintain your new website!