What people are saying about working with Unscribbled

“I never knew I needed Kristin in my life until I met her. Now I can’t live without her! The first project we worked on was a children’s book and it was incredible to watch her bring characters and abstract concepts to life. Since then, Kristin has been adding professionalism and credibility to my business through her attention to detail and accuracy. When I get stuck or overwhelmed, she coaches me through it and unscribbles the chaos in my head. I have so many ideas inside of me that sometimes spill out into words, scribbles and arrows in different colored markers. When I send a picture of it to Kristin, I apologize for the madness, wonder if she will understand any of it and hope something can be created from dumping the contents of my brain onto a sheet of paper. Regardless of how I give it to her, it comes back completely transformed into something better than I could ever imagine. I’m constantly blown away at how detailed and aesthetically pleasing Kristin’s work is and how many compliments I get on it. She is truly talented.”

Kim Shults

“Working with Kristin from Unscribbled was one of the best decisions I ever undertook. Kristin developed our very first website back in 2003 and has continued to be our web designer for all three of our websites all these years. What makes Kristin truly unique is her training as a graphic designer combined with her technical expertise in website development. Kristin helps clients fully think through what they are trying to communicate through their website before even drawing up the first option. She knows how expensive it is to make changes later and that the upfront work, while hard, will pay off dividends later. This process also ensures that you end up with a higher quality, hard-working website. Kristin is a pleasure to work with. She is responsive, collaborative and makes technology understandable to the layman. A very fine skill indeed!”

Eva Niewiadomski

“If we had not found Kristin and Unscribbled…BookBundlz probably would never have developed into a business. She was the only web/graphic designer that I approached that was actually able to translate my website business idea and concept into an organized implementation. The size, scope and complexity of creating BookBundlz was often daunting but Kristin has a unique gift in drawing out the purpose and creatively transforming it both visually and strategically.  Our business plan was truly “unscribbled” and put on “virtual” paper into logic AND with the added value of needs we didn’t even know we were missing.  And if that wasn’t enough, Kristin also has a great understanding of marketing, advertising and a creative flare with business ideas. Over our 5 years of working together she has always been incredibly conscientious, professional, fun and often the voice of reason. We can’t sing her praises enough and look forward to our continued work together!!”

Barbie Larimore

“I am so glad I found Kristin, owner of Unscribbed Inc!  I have been working with her for two years now and it has truly been a blessing.  Initially I was attracted to the style and colors I saw on her website portfolio – as it resonated with the feel of my children’s books. I also was drawn to the problem solving philosophy of her book, Unscribbling, which I found a description of on her website.

The quality of her design work is amazing! She is a truly a talented graphic artist – and just intuitively gets what I am envisioning, so much so that often I don’t have any edits!  On top of that, she is a joy to work with and she works fast! I could barely keep up with her sometimes. She is always looking to expand her skills, so when we get into new territory she is proactive and researching ways to make it happen. Her billing method is very transparent and fair. Overall, I couldn’t ask for more in a graphic designer and artist!

Thank you Kristin!”

Amanda I. Greene

“Our organization consulted Unscribbled last year when our web site needed a major attitude adjustment – not just a re-do and refreshment – but an image overhaul from the ground up.  In the meantime, we required some big-time immediate rescuing from our dowdy, out of date material!  It was embarrassing. Right from the beginning, Kristin  and her team instilled in us a great sense of confidence that help was on the way.  They went right to work, made the changes we required to keep everybody on our Board of Directors delighted, and our members happy – a tall order, indeed. Before we knew it, we were humming along like we’d never missed a beat!  And if that wasn’t enough, they thoroughly assessed our desires and requirements, listening to everyone’s input and concerns with great attention, and treated each and every one as though they were their only client! They counseled us with suggestions we’d never even dreamed of, developed an awesome, positively beautiful site for us, along with a gorgeous new logo, and voila!, we now look like geniuses!  It’s such a relief to be able to direct folks to our site knowing they can get the information they need, when they need it, and finally, they can conduct their business with us so smoothly and easily.  Now, all we have left to do is sing Unscribbled our highest praises with much gratitude and appreciation!”

– Carol, Chicago

“It’s not easy to find a high quality website and graphic designer… who also “gets” the marketing side of things… and responds quickly to requests… and communicates clearly with compassion… and truly cares about results and satisfaction… and… and… and I was lucky enough to find that designer early in my business endeavor.  Kristin is a creative gem, a problem solving genie and a wonderful human being to work with.”

Matt Naskrent, PCC, CPCC
Business & Personal Evolution Coach

“We started working with Unscribbled and Kristin several years ago. Our project was launching a new tea company… Kristin was with us from the beginning. She designed our logo; our packaging and various collateral items we requested for both retail and wholesale. She put together a website for us and price lists and menus as our range of items increased. We worked together for several years… until [my wife and I] retired from the business and relocated to the East Coast. We came to anticipate that everything Kristin did for us would be of high-quality and was always delivered in a time frame she had quoted.

…she took her work seriously and wanted the best result for the business… She is a pleasure to work with! We considered her a friend.”

Roger Bowman
R.B. Consulting/The Tea Bistro and Mundi Teas