Internet Marketing

You got our PPC, SEO, eMail, and SM that better improve your ROI. Yikes! There are a ton of options out there for your internet marketing. I have dabbled in almost all, and have all the required social media accounts and know my way around them (though some of them put me to sleep).

BUT, FOR THE RECORD: I am not an SEO expert. This is a special animal that I am not trained to handle. (They will tend to do a ton of back links, etc. for you and that is not my cup of tea.)

I WILL DO a thorough keyword search and analysis, and use that info to put together a dream site architecture or pay-per-click (PPC) campaign strategy for you. And, of course, I will make sure your site gets the basic SEO practices – meta-tags, alt-tags, internal links, etc. –  so don’t worry about that. It is all included!

Anyway, PPC can be so much easier to track, and faster to get results on than SEO. So call me about that instead, okay?

SOCIAL MEDIA: I have worked in all the major social media outlets. I can get you set up on them. I can create a great, consistent design for your Youtube, Twitter and Facebook Account. I can also help you create and implement a social media content strategy for your business. Is your blog post Pinnable, as well as tweetable? It should be! Don’t worry, I can help with that! Are you putting up content willy-nilly? Agh! Please let me bust out one of my social media strategy calendars and help get you on track! You just made the left side of my brain dance a jig. I love mapping out strategies!

BUT: Don’t even bother looking at my Twitter account – Tweeting in my leisure time? Not my first choice. (Though my husband loves it.)

AND, DO NOT FORGET: Email marketing! Market to your base. Your peeps already love you and they probably want more of you. So, YOU come to them! Genius! But be sure you say something worthwhile though, because email for no reason other than to “sell” is just not cool in most cases!

MOST OF ALL: Don’t get overwhelmed. As a small business owner, don’t make yourself do it all. Do what you can, and get help with the things you need and don’t have time for. Unscribbled is here to help. How can we help unscribble your internet marketing with you?



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