Catalog/Magazine Design

Talk about coordination and trying to solve a big puzzle without a key – catalog layout really is a nice way to get both sides of your brain working and what could be better than that? When I was working with Peerless Rugs in Chicago, I was able to layout the catalog designs, bust out my database design skills and coordinate the products, oversee the photo shoots, piece it all together in the end and then head to some late night press runs to make sure the color was all good. How fun is all that? Well, most of it is… 2 a.m. press checks leave a little something to be desired, but darn if those press sales guys don’t take you to some nice restaurants during the down time! Yummy + interesting = worth it!

I do have more magazine-like designs under my belt, but since I did not do those as an independent designer, and was employed at the time (cough) by the Door County Chamber of Commerce (cough) I did not add those (cough) 80-plus page vacation guides (cough) below. But, should you meet me in person to go over my portfolio, I will totally bust those babies out as they are awesome!

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